Born in France, into a multicultural family of environmental activists, Karine Rupp-Stanko is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily with paper, printmaking ink and found objects.

The years she spent studying linguistics informs the way she thinks of her work, not as an object, but as an act of language.

The finished product is rarely meant to last. It is an expression of an ephemeral poetic force and it has one purpose: Investigate how, through language, we label, interpret and misinterpret our social and natural ecosystems.

An educator at heart, Karine also holds “social folding” workshops at community events in Saint Paul and Minneapolis on a variety of themes, such as food justice and pollination.

In an effort to advocate for more responsible consumption, she uses water-based inks and “scavenged” paper, always reevaluating materials that others might discard, such as junk mail and packaging.

Other Qualifications : Japanese to French translator, Mother, Lover, Friend, Teacher, Gardener, Cook, Observer.