An avalanche of ideas once again kept me up last night (a good problem to have, one could argue).

I will, in the end, be able to fit 40 square meters of paper structures in a show-window.

The answer is verticality and… sewing.

Yes, sewing. As in needlework.

Picture a waterfall of folded catch-a-breaths, neatly sewn together, hanging from the ceiling and then “splashing” onto the floor into a nice paper puddle and little paper mounds here and there.

Or maybe don’t picture it. It will be a mix of the following two :


FullSizeRender (2)

A few days ago, I was talking drill-bits and pliers with my husband.

Who knew I’d be digging around for embroidery needles today.

(Found some in my hell-drawer, along with some matches, rubber bands, toothpicks and sunscreen)



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