Dear Ikea,


Thank you for sending your colourful paper catalogue. It was very thoughtful of you.

I particularly liked page 28, with its bright colours. It made a splendid postmodern paper flower.


This seemingly simple shape gave me a brilliant idea. Sooo brilliant. (not)

With pages 30 to 38, I made a Samba Crown for my dear Gestalta, an artist figure I bought a while back at your MOA location.

That is almost too meta for me. It will probably make my husband cry.


Ikea’s Gestalta, wearing an Ikea catalogue head-dress.

Dear Ikea,

I’m sorry, I have no intention of buying anything this year. But all that paper will enable hours of creative fun. So I sincerely thank you.

About next year: if you could make your seemingly square catalogue a little bit more square, that’d be great. I’m tired of cutting the pages to size.

And… if you could print it locally, on sustainably sourced paper, using non-toxic inks, you’d get a much cleaner commercial karma.

Just saying.


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