The folding bee

The word “Sloppygami” and my slogan (“I choose sloppy”), can come across as an apology of slacking and laziness, I am well aware of that. But when you’re a recovered perfectionist, living your creative life the sloppy way doesn’t mean living it the lazy way. Far from it.

The fear of producing an imperfect, “sloppy” result can be crippling. For years I was unable to focus on the process of making (or in the case of my “day job”, writing). Coming to terms with what I considered horrid sloppiness helped me get over my perfectionist block. No misaligned or crooked folds can stop me now.


To some extent, I even seek imperfection, when I fold advertisement paper.

Junk mail is not meant to be worked with. When folded over and over, the corners will unavoidably look damaged, dog eared… the opposite of what you want in traditional, “perfect” origami. Same with tracing paper and other materials I love.

But to me, folding is not about producing a surgically precise image of a flower, insect or crane. Neither is it about using computer generated patterns to create intricate folds.


Folding is about the paper. Where it comes from. What it can say.

Paper is where I keep my eye, hands and focus.

I fold, fold, sew, solder and fold some more. Like a good little folding bee.



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