Stamping away

I’m as good as waiting as I am at playing bagpipe. I plain suck at it.

Once impatience gets me, frustration is near, followed by my worst enemy : rumination.

And believe me, my ruminating self is pretty much useless. Once I start wondering about my life and what I’ve done with it, I’m done for the day.

So, here I am, waiting to hear from the curating panel of an art project I applied to a few weeks ago. Ruminating.

I can’t fold or draw anything, can’t focus on my day-job and, according to my five-year-old, I suck at pretend-play cat-world. (don’t ask)

Such a harsh judgment. I had to act. I tried a self-help approach I read about in Lifetime magazine. (Yes, that is a fitness chain. No, I’m not a member. Blame my husband).

When ruminating…

  • 1) “Understand the futility of your chain of thoughts”
  • 2) “Redirect your attention
  • 3) “Get active”

Step #1 didn’t do much for me (I started ruminating about my own futility), but #2 and #3 worked wonders.

I organised my past work, found rubber stamps sheets I had forgotten about, borrowed (stole) ink-pads from my five-year-old’s stash and started stamping away.


Those ink-pads have seen better days. But who cares?

I’ll probably play with my stamps all night, have fun with shapes, colors, patterns… and by this time, tomorrow, I’ll be ready to rock cat-world!

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