After having folded 672 paper balloons (only 328 to go!) it is now time for me to officially launch my “breath capture” campaign!

We all share the same air, breathe in the same flow.

Part of “Energy“, the winter 2017 urban walkable gallery curated by MadehereMN, the installation will be displayed at 930 Hennepin avenue in Minneapolis from December 19th, 2017 through April 4th, 2018.

On site, the public will see a massive display of paper “balloons”, hand-folded from simple translucent tracing paper squares, each encapsulating one breath of air.

Online, a gallery of photos and videos will display different “breathers” inflating the structures: neighbors, friends, family, colleagues of different origins, age, gender and faith, as shown in the example below.

Would you like to take part in the project by donating some air?

People of all ages, faiths and communities are welcome to participate!

Click here!


A big thank you to all of those who let me “capture” their breath already! Don’t worry if you don’t see your image yet, I will update the video as I go.




  1. Wow! That is an impressive amount of folding. And I love your email. If I hadn’t already done it, I would definitely sign up to be part of the project!

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