Folding momentum

16 : number of folds necessary to make a lantern/balloon out of a square of paper.

15200 : number of folds I have made so far. That is 950 balloons.

800 : number of folds remaining to achieve my goal. (more about the project here)

I find that singing while folding helps, as well as dancing or running around with my son between sessions.


But whenever I get stuck and loose my “folding momentum”, I watch theĀ video of the 40 people who have inflated my balloons so far.

The spontaneous smile on the air-donors’ face right after the flat balloon pops open reminds me how magic these simple paper structures are.

They somehow induce moments of joy.

And I’m able to capture that microsecond of genuine joy on film while the paper structure captures the breath of the donor.

That moves me deeply and gives me all the folding momentum I need.


14 : number of days before the finished project will be installed at National Camera Building downtown Minneapolis. But that’s another story.

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