Family Breakfast

“If I was never born

I’d never be a man.

Just found the last blueberry”.

We were seating “en famille”, having a chill breakfast, when little J. dropped this intriguing/poetic/absurd line of thought on us. And then went on eating his blueberry yogurt.

It happens every now and then. Quote-worthy statements come out of this offspring of ours when we least expect them.

He just puts them out there. Shiny little bubbles of grace. And then moves on.

He does not wonder what effect, if any, his statement will have on the world. He does not seek any reaction or feedback from others.

I’m thinking of making him my creative mentor.

I want to learn how to let go from this 6-year-old zen master of mine. Maybe one day I will be able to put my own shiny bubbles of grace out there, without thinking about it twice.










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