The Bee Legacy

I launched a mixed-media art project last month, as we were slowly transitioning to Spring in the land of forever-lasting winters. (i.e. Minnesota)

I wanted to get people talking/thinking about bees and other pollinators.

To publicize the issues they are facing.

To inform the public about a few easy steps they can take to help pollinators thrive again in urban areas.


I folded 40 paper bees out of washi squares I bought in Japan back in 2008.

I then collaged them onto monotype prints I made, bringing some depth, movement, and a certain sense of drama to the folded pieces.

Finally, I posted pictures of my collages on social media (#thebeelegacy), along with facts, thoughts and tips on how to help bees thrive again.


Pollinators are a source of life, of health and, ultimately, of peace. (I hate to sound dramatic, but their extinction would mean humanity would go hungry, and hunger leads to wars.)


To have a bee-centric way of life is to have the well-being of your children and grand-children in mind.

Click here to discover my folded bees gallery.




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