Summer 2018 bee folding events

Upcoming folding events :

I will be folding bees with the awesome team of Saint Paul Public Arts on Saturday, August 18th, at the brand new Bell Museum in Saint Paul.

Join us for an afternoon of science, art and fun!

Click here for more details.


SPPL Maker camps :

Join me at Saint Anthony Park Library on Monday, July 30th, for a two-hour-long Maker camp (free of charge)! We will be folding various bees and flowers.

Click here for more details.



I will be at the Rondo Library on Wednesday, August 8th, for another two-hour-long Maker camp. We will be folding leaves and creating paper “habeetats” !

Click here for more details.



It rained, it poured at times, the wind tried to blow all my origami paper away, but close to a hundred bees were folded by participants of all gender and ages on July 26th!

Everybody took their folded pollinator home after I took a picture of them.

Stay tuned for news on my large origami bee collage!!


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