New year’s revolutions

After a two-month-long chrysalis stage, it is finally time to say goodbye to my old blog and welcome!

This new site will be easier to find and more in line with my public folding activities (5 summer festivals on my 2019 calendar already!!)

In other (big) news, I will have the pleasure and great honor to be an active member of the artist cooperative of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, starting March 1st!

I will certainly feel outclassed and challenged by contact with experienced book artists, but being challenged is the greatest opportunity for progress!

“One” series – Printed at MCBA’s studio in December 2018

It will help me develop more productive routines, focus my energies and find the necessary momentum to attain my goal: to reach a point where my studio-based practice will help me support and fund larger, socially-engaged projects that connect people, both to each other and to their natural surroundings.

Which is why I am planning to add a “e-commerce” page soon, showcasing prints in entomology cases and junk mail lotuses. Stay tuned!!

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