Manufacturing Spring

While a lot of people are already witnessing glorious signs of Spring around the Northern Hemisphere, Minnesota is still covered in a thick coat of snow and ice. Not a bud or a blade of grass in sight.

My internal weather clock, however, after 30 plus years spent in a more temperate climate, is telling me–in a very agressive way–that Spring is here!! Talk about cognitive dissonance…

In the darkest of moods, I just wanted to move out of this ice-box we now call home. Something had to be done.

I realized at some point that Spring could be more of a state of mind, that one could maybe trigger by taking action. In my case, by MAKING something with my hands.

Folded paper bud

It all started with intricately folded paper buds. Dormant living matter waiting for the right conditions to expand into a gorgeous leaf or flower.

From there, I started to think of Spring as motion, momentum, expansion… which lead me to design a series of pop-out cards out of remnants of prints and eco-dyed papers.

Three blades of grass and a dragonfly…

I now have a Spring of my own, unfolding before my eyes every time I open a card. The rustling of the paper even reminds me of the wind blowing through the grass.

With renewed creative energy, I’m ready to tackle the coming weeks of below freezing temperatures.

If Spring is not there yet where you live, may it come soon in your hearts!

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