Join the hive!!!

Who doesn’t love live music, art and good food? Come party with purpose on August 25th, at the Food Building in N.E. Minneapolis ! There will be bees, bands and beer, as well as hands-on activities, science and lots of pollinator-themed goodies!

I had the great honor to be chosen as lead artist for this year’s Pollination Festival. That encompassed installing a large junk mail bee swarm on August 13th in the main hall. You can come see it any day when the Food Building is open, but on the day of the party, the swarm will really come to life.

I will be folding bees with a team of assistants all day with the swarm right behind me. We will help you fold your own and glue it on a small branch or a stem if you’d like, so you can JOIN THE HIVE!!! (Get your free event tickets on Eventbrite.)

I will also be selling one of a kind wall art, a limited edition of prints/folded insects made just for the event! Hang them right on your wall using the hook I installed on the back of the entomology boxes or set them straight on a shelf or in a curio! Small boxes are 4×6 inches ($30) and medium boxes are 5×7 inches ($35). If you can’t make it to the party but want one, email me and I will gladly deliver/ship you one!

After several weeks of sorting out and folding interesting looking pieces of junk mail, I faced the humongous white wall, pinning down one bee at a time. The swarm is now dancing in the main reception hall, inviting visitors to explore and come closer.

Facing the white wall, one bee at a time

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