It's a wrap !

The soup project has come to an abrupt end, in this era of social distancing.

However, the soup spirit lives on and self-care, in the shape of access to cheap, fresh, nutritious food, seem more important now than ever.

Spring meets Winter in this improvised roots and sprouts soup

Buy root vegetables, onions, some greens if you can. Cut them up, simmer them in water. Throw in a can of beans, some spices and enjoy.

Enjoy every spoonful. Breathe slowly. Pay attention to what you are eating.

Color. Texture. Flavor. You are here. Now. You are safe this very moment.

Roasted vegetable soup – process picture

Thank farmers for working the land. Thank food chain workers for being here for us. Thank yourself for making the soup.

The end of a project (until next year!)

Here are the illustrated accounts of the last three soups of the series for you to read. I won’t have access to a printing press for a while, so I won’t be binding zines but I really wanted to get some sense of closure with that project, so here it is.

Thank you to all the wonderful beings you participated!! Love to you all.

2/15/2020 Soup gathering n°6, with August Schultz.

2/21/2020 Soup gathering N°7 with Emma Freeman and Kerri Mulcare

2/29/2020 Soup gathering N°8 with Silvana Agostoni and Sarah Nassif

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