Life Next Door, volume 1

It’s been more than a year since my last go at zine making. I had so much fun working on the 3 volumes of All You Really Need is Soup that I just had to give it another try.

I started experimenting with different comix formats at the beginning of the pandemic, having lost access to the letterpress studio of MCBA. I wanted to use what I had at hand : tons of old notebooks, my kid’s paint supplies, color pencils and an inkjet printer.

This is how Life Next Door was born.

For the subject matter, I first looked at our household, focusing on little J, the Baron and our cat Waffle. But I soon felt the urge to reach outside our walls, and started noticing what was happening in our neighborhood, right next door, or down the block.

This first volume is also my goodbye to the city of Saint Paul and to Minnesota. We are moving to North-Carolina next month.

Happy neigbors riding by

But first things first, volume 1 is now available, in two formats.

(SOLD OUT!!! Please contact me for reprinting or PDF option)

Volume 2 will come in the late summer and will focus on our relocation and on the life next door our new house, in Asheville, NC!!


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