Life Next Door, vol.4

In my native language, French, there is only one word to translate both “heat” and “warmth”. Perhaps because the language developed in a temperate climate?

The word “chaleur” lacks the nuances of “warmth”.It needs adjectives (gentle; intense; atrocious)and is often used in noun-phrases (such as “chaleur humaine”).

During the years I spent in Minnesota, I became obsessed with “human warmth”. It is a quality I now seek in my relationships with my neighbors; a feeling I cultivate in my home; a sensation I want to experience in the restaurants and cafés I go to (rarely, these days…).

The collection of images, comics and words that follows is a fascinating window into all the nuances that this single word, “warmth”, takes in the minds of artists from other cultural, climatic or linguistic spheres.

Inside the zine : Comics, illustrations, poems…

May this delightful food for thought make you warm and open you up to new perceptions!

Contributing artists, by order of appearance

List of contributing artists

Sam Kim , Cumming GA (@sjdrawing605)

Sam enjoys creating 2-D character art and animation that’s aimed for younger children.

Kate Sophia (@katesophia)

Kate lives in NE Minneapolis, MN where she is recovering her creativity through collage, book arts, and ukulele.

Pam Wye (@pamwye)

Pam has so far completed 85 pages of her graphic memoir, “Water I’ve Loved.” It is serialized by Mutha Magazine.

Link to published installments:

Tani Hemmila (@discovering_ordinary)

Tani lives in Minneapolis and is the creator of Discovering Ordinary, an art and story project revealing itself in the making. 

Erica Nightly (@thechiffchaffsgarden) 

Erica is an artist who works mostly with watercolors. She hopes to bring a smile to people’s faces with happy, quirky, bird-inspired art.

Maddy Buck (@itsmaddybuck)

Maddy writes and draws in Minnesota. Her comics have appeared in The Rumpus, Graphic Medicine’s COVID-19 Comics, and the American Illustration 39 Archive.  

Find her at

Rose Shelor (@adventurerosieart)

Rose is a Montessori mama, artist, and grad student living in Knoxville, Tennessee. She draws a lot of daily life, whether that’s local birds or drawings of motherhood. She runs the shop AdventureRosie on Etsy.

Kerri (Mulcare) Sandve (@Carbon_Copy_Co)

Kerri (Mulcare) Sandve is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from St. Paul, MN working under the imprint Carbon Copy Co. Press. She creates printed matter in the form of artist books, zines, and screenprints, as well as sculptural paper works and collage.

Fredric Gunve, Göteborg, Sweden. (@fredricgunve)

EA Farro (@eafarro)

E.A. Farro is a climate scientist who spent several years working in politics. Her publications have appeared in The Rumpus, The Kenyon Review, and The Normal School, among others. She teaches Unlocking Creative Flow at the Loft Literary Center.

Nelly Stanko Torregrosa (@stanko926) 

Photographer, writer and prose poet, Bagnols, France. 

Jac Dellaria ( 

Jac is an illustrator and cartoonist currently based in Chicago, IL. Their body of work mostly consists of 2D pieces such as comics, illustrations, prints, and zines based on the topic of personal identity.

Amy Burns (@AmyBurnsBooks)

Amy is a disabled cartoonist and bookbinder.

No Spoons For You: A fairytale slice-of-life graphic medicine comic about living with chronic illness and disability by Keilani Lime and Amy Burns

Isaac Roller (@dreamtown.comix)

“Isaac Roller is a cartoonist and a soon-to-be father. So soon-to-be, in fact, that this was the longest, most detailed biography he could muster the brain-power to write.” 

Camilo Aguirre (@camil0_aguirre) 

Camilo is an artist from Colombia who likes drawing a lot. He is the author of severalgraphic novels and is currently working as a storyboarder.


Julie Rau, Denmark (@julierau_comics)

Danish indie comic and zine artist.

Bettina Klinkig (@frauklinkig)
Bettina Klinkig has sketched all her life. In 2013, the detection of a heredical eye desease inspired her to intensify what she had done sporadically before and she became an urban sketcher, documenting the urban space no matter the beauty or ugliness. It was the beginning of a visiual diary that containes hundreds of sketches by now. She lives and works in Aschaffenburg (near Frankfurt) as sketcher and urban planner

Leonie Simmerl

Leonie Simmerl was born 1948. Her art career began 40 years ago and she went through all techniques: acrylic, watercolour, collage, mixed media. Leonie lives in Aschaffenburg near Frankfurt, Germany, and is instructor for watercolour at the adult education center of Aschaffenburg. Various expositions have shown the diversity of her work.

Priya Ramchandran (@PriyaOriginalsArt)

Adelle Niebur (@thebookwormbaker)

Juelele (@juelele_)

Photos shot on Portra 400 and CineStill 800 taken at places that made them feel warm.

Krisanne a Dattir (@kadattir) 

Krisanne writes from the garden and the birthing room. She lives in a world of fingerling potatoes and baby greens; a life of innumerable births, including her own two beautiful daughters.

Rita Collins (@stritasbooks) Eureka, MT

On the road to talk books, talk life, make the world better, create

Karine Rupp-Stanko (@anorthamericanexperiment)

Karine is a visual storyteller connecting real life people through art, food, movement and zines. She works and lives in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Mandy Lebides (@mandylebides)
Mandy draws to write, capturing life as it is lived, as it is felt, as it is experienced. She presents this in simple, handcrafted, customised booklets and zines.

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